Our Meal Service Saves You Time

Imagine getting home from a busy day at work and not having to worry about preparing a healthy dinner for your family.

Choose meals that come with sides OR add some healthy greens and your favourite starch to our heat and serve mains. Thaw heat and serve.

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Healthy Home Cooked Meals For Busy Families

Dinners you would make yourself if you had the time to do it. No more waiting in long lines at the supermarket or spending your nights cleaning up. Today’s Menu quality prepared meals are the answer.


There never seems to be enough hours in the day when it comes to raising a family in Toronto. Between dropping off and picking up busy active children, running errands, trying to spend quality time with your spouse and friends, the to do list is never ending. Let us help you with your most important daily chore “what do I feed my family for dinner tonight ?”. We have created a line of high quality meals for families that are so easy to serve. You will feel a lot better knowing that your family is enjoying our high quality meals and not ready made supermarket dinners or takeout.

Order your weekly meals online for delivery or come by our stores where are friendly staff can help you decide which meals work best on those busy nights.

Have some dietary restrictions? We are nut free and have a wide variety of gluten free meals.

Some family favourites enjoyed by our customers.

Best Bolognese Sauce (Using Beretta Beef)

Sicilian Chicken Meatballs

Pulled Pork

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