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I Do Not Want To Be My Families Short Order Chef Anymore

Ever find yourself making separate dinners for your kids, I know I have. Dinner time should be about everyone enjoying what you have made. Not “we had broccoli last time” or – “cant we have plain pasta and parmesan cheese ” which by the way is not a healthy dinner on its own. So how do you find a solution to you not spending so much time in the kitchen? I suggest that everyone in the family gets to choose their favourite meal and incorporate that into the weekly meal planner. Obviously this needs to be within reason, and cheerios and milk are nice for breakfast with some fruit but not for dinner.

When you plan out your dinners make sure you stress the main food groups, protein, vegetables and starches. If you are vegetarian make sure you include other sources of protein such as beans or tofu. Also, it does not have to be over the top fancy, nor should you spend all day preparing dinners. Aslong as your kids feel they are being heard when it comes to telling you what they like they will more likely be open to other new ideas and food tastes. It is so very important to expose them to new taste at a young age, it will help them truly understand what they like and dont like.


Paul Hickey – chef & owner Today’s Menu

How It All Started by Paul

In 2001, Paul was working for a large Telecommunications company in Toronto as a Sales and Marketing Executive, but feeling unsatisfied with a desire to do something more creative. After receiving the well-rehearsed speech, “the company is moving in a different direction” (the department folded a few months later), he was free to investigate new career options that tapped into his passions.

Pauls’ neighbor had just hired a personal chef and he thought that was an amazing idea considering that he loved to cook and prepare meals. By early 2002, Paul started Todays Menu personal chef services with the full support of his wife, Lisa. Paul had absolutely no experience in the food business, but knew this was exactly what he wanted to do and something he enjoyed doing.

Sure enough, Paul enjoyed the great times cooking for my clients and their families. A couple of years later in 2004, Paul decided to offer a delivery service.  Paul realized that going from house-to-house everyday was getting far too complicated. Paul worried at first that the personalized service might be in jeopardy because we were not in peoples’ homes cooking. Turns out that people loved the service and he could serve them even better by preparing meals for them and having the delivered to their homes.  It also allowed for growth of the business and us to be able to cook prepared meals for many more families.

Paul in the Toronto Beaches Area with his wife an two children.  Paul continues to manage the business, as well as cook privately.

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