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Some Healthy Eating Tips for a Fit Body

It’s recommended that you keep healthy eating tips for keeping a fit body and peaceful mind. Healthy food comprises of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals in balanced proportion. Counting on calories while indulging into favorite food provides a clear picture of harm and goodness done to the body. Low fat diet is believed to be the best for figure conscious people. Kids need high energy foods to supplement all the daily physical activities they are busy in, throughout the day. Healthy eating tips for various sections of people are listed below

Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Kids are the storehouse of energy. They show higher activity levels. Digestion and metabolism are at the peak during the young age. Though kids should not be deprived of any kind of food but spicy and sour tasting foods should be avoided. It is generally not liked by the kinds and they may ignore eating if the spices are not put in less proportion. Fibrous fruits, milk, fresh curd, fruit juices and carbohydrate rich diet are the best options for the growing kids. Proteins and calcium is required for growth and strong skeletal structure.

Healthy Eating Tips for Females

Females perform a variety of activities during the day. Their health is of prime concern for the whole family. They need to take care of their looks, figure and above all skin to look great and energetic. Diet rich in Vitamin E and protein is essential for healthy skin and hair. Fish is the best option for non-veg lovers and soya, kidney beans are the best sources of protein for people with vegetarian choice. Drinking enough water and inclusion of juices in the morning diet helps clean the bowel system efficiently. Use of Vitamin A and Vitamin C along with necessary carbohydrates in the form of wheat or rice is essential for strong jaws, healthy eye vision and clear mind.

Healthy Eating Tips for Males

Males need a carbohydrate rich diet. Those indulged into physical activities like long standing hours, or handling of complex machines requires energy rich diet. Though chicken is believed to be a storehouse of fats and calories, its use should be restricted to soup and marinade. Eating whole chicken regularly requires a strong digestive system and energy required for working is wasted in digesting the chicken alone. Males have strong need of vitamins and proteins. They should include fruit salad in breakfast and cereal based dishes as the first meal of the day. Night meal should definitely consist of soup of the choice.

Healthy eating tips are more or less the same for all. Day should be divided into frequent meals placed at regular intervals so that body is never famished. Empty stomach is the cause of peptic ulcers and so regular eating is a must. Healthy eating tips are essential to cut on the medical expenses rising due to diseases. People suffering from heart ailments and diabetes require a very balanced diet. The food for such people is focused to impart strength to the heart and keeping sugar levels in the body at desired level. Following healthy eating tips helps to keep diseases at bay.

Healthy Eating: How To Adapt For A Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is not like staying thin or removing the dishes we love from our diet or strict nutrition foods philosophies. What healthy eating actually means is that we stay healthy and active all the day whether we are on work or taking a vacation at some islands.

Healthy eating starts with how we eat not what we eat. In other ways “eat smart” is the mantra for healthy eating which will help to reduce the risks of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and sometimes depression.

By learning healthy eating we can master our moods, sharpen our memory and boost our energy levels. Once we start following a healthy eating plan, we can add all our favorite dishes in it and still stay healthy. Here are the four best tips which will help you to adapt for a healthy diet.

Tip 1: Set Yourself For Success

To set your for healthy eating success, make a plan and slowly and steadily implement it. Don’t just do one drastic change as it will get you back to your older eating habits. By approaching the changes slowly and with commitment, you will definitely adapt the plan and have a healthy diet before your realize it.

Tip 2: Moderation Is Key

Sometimes people think healthy eating as an all or nothing proposition, but the truth is different. Moderation is the key for a healthy diet. You may think that your diet with just carbohydrates it the best one for your health, but for a healthy body we need carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc. in our diet and this can be done only via moderation.

Tip 3: Eat Smart

Healthy eating is all about how we eat and not what we eat. To adapt yourself to the healthy eating environment, you should make the change slowly and think food as a nourishment for your day to day life instead of a thing which you should gulp down between meetings.

Tip 4: Eat Vegetables And Fresh Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are the main source of a healthy diet since they are rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins, etc. So always try to have different colored fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and eat at least five different fruits every day. This will help you to get rich proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, which are the much needed for a healthy life.

Staying healthy is the best way to live our life and having a healthy diet will help us to enjoy our life happily. So always eat smartly and stay healthy!

Healthy Eating Habits for Children

Healthy eating habits are crucial to keeping your child at a healthy weight.  By teaching your children healthy eating habits you will help them with their whole life.  Children that pick up good eating habits when they are younger typically have healthier heating habits when they are all grow up.

One of the best approaches to eating and maintaining a healthy meal is to reduce fat intake.  Very simple ways to do this would be to eat lower-fat or non-fat dairy products, poultry with skin, lean meats, and lower fat cereals.  Another way to do this is to have schedules of when you will eat.  This will cause your body to get used to eating at certain times and not go into hibernation mode when you haven’t eaten.  Eat 3-5 times a day will cause your metabolism to speed up causing a healthier body.

If you need help in knowing what meals would be best, our team of health nuts would love to help you out!

One important thing to note is not to treat your child like they are overweight or put them on a diet plan.  They will eat what you prepare for them.  If they need more food then that, a healthy snack will help them out.  Make sure you’re developing a healthy eating habit for all your children.  Below are a few healthy eating habits for children that I have found have worked well with my family.

  • Take control of the foods your family and children eat.  Only serve them healthy foods.  If you have problems cooking or need prepared meals, check out our wide variety of prepared meals to help you solve this problem.
  • Eat slower and teach your children to eat slower.  We’re always running around, but eating slower your body will realize that you don’t have to eat as much.  This will help you to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eat meals as a family as much as possible.  This will help your family not only grow together and create a more loving home but it will allow your children to watch you eat.  Set a good example for them!
  • Involve everyone when cooking or shopping for food.  Ask your children what they want on their pasta and let them help you create it.  It will help them to make their own decisions and they will ALWAYS eat what they pick.
  • Plan for snacks. Every child will get hungry throughout the day. Get healthy snacks that they will eat.  I always try and have mandarins all over the house cause the kids love those!
  • Try and not eat anything while watching TV or playing on the computer. Your children won’t realize how much they are eating and cause them to overeat and create unhealthy eating habits.
  • Drink Water whenever possible.  Drinks are not the healthiest drink out there, even when they say they are!

By following these simple steps you will help your children develop healthy eating habits that will stay with them for their entire lives.  I’m pretty sure it will also help you to eat a little healthier yourself.

5 Healthy Eating Tips

  1. Eat a variety of foods that are very nutrient-rich. Everyday you need to be eating a variety of very nutrient strong foods which should always inclue whole-grain products; fruits; vegetables; dairy products; and meat, poultry, fish as well as other high protein foods.
  2. Eat a lot of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Most people around the world don’t get enough of any of these throughout the day.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight. Keeping your body healthy has a lot to do with keeping your body at the optimal weight.  Eating right and exercise is a crucial key to knowing what that optimal weight will be.  There are several calculators out there that can tell you what is right for you.  You shouldn’t stop eating or freak out if you aren’t at a healthy weight. Start eating well and exercising. This will help you to get there.  Make changes gradually, not instantly. Once you are at your optimal weight, keep up the healthy eating and exercising and you should maintain this weight.
  4. Stop Piggin Out and Eat Slower. Eating slower let’s your body digest the food as you’re eating. This will allow your body to tell you when it’s full.  You won’t overeat and have that “stuffed” feeling 20 min after you finish eating.
  5. Eat regular meals. If you are eating at random times everyday, this will hurt your body. Make sure that you are not skipping meals.  Your body needs consistant food and at the same time daily.  It will get you on a schedule and help your body not store food for when it thinks you’re going to hybernate.

Eating right is a huge key in life to living a happier life.  At Today’s Menu we help people to live happier lives by not having to cook 24/7.  We have prepared meals that will help your family to spend more time together and you to have more time to do other things.  This will also help you to eat more consistently and always have something to eat, even when you’re busy.

Tips on Picky Eating Children

Though we don’t have many problems with people loving our food occasionally my child at home won’t eat no matter what I put infront of her.  I can make the best meal in the world and she won’t touch it.  Her name is Bentley, she 4 years old and all she likes to eat is Macaroni and Cheese.  Being a concerned parent I always want to provide her with a meal that will taste good and give her the nutrients that she needs to be healthy.  I know that this is a very common problem among children so I know it’s not out of the ordinary.

I checked online and found a few useful tips:

1. Offer a nibble tray. YES, they love to nibble on things.  I personally put a million things out infront of them so they can choose what they would like to eat, such as:

  • apple moons (thinly sliced)
  • avocado boats (a quarter of an avocado)
  • banana wheels
  • broccoli trees (steamed broccoli florets)
  • carrot swords (cooked and thinly sliced)
  • cheese building blocks
  • egg canoes (hard- boiled egg wedges)
  • little O’s (o-shaped cereal)

2. Dip it. Children love to dip things, it’s something that they feel that they have made that you haven’t touched.  This makes they feel like they have the power and that you had nothing to do with it. Some possibilities to dip into:

  • cottage cheese or tofu dip
  • cream cheese
  • fruit juice-sweetened preserves
  • guacamole
  • peanut butter, thinly spread
  • pureed fruits or vegetables
  • yogurt, plain or sweetened with juice concentrate

3. Spread it. Toddlers like spreading, or more accurately, smearing. They love to do it themselves, this will help them to know that they are in control and did it themselves.

4. Top it. Toddlers are into toppings. You can make anything into a topping.  Heck, you can even put carrots on top of cereal, I know that it sounds gross but I’ve seen it done and the child loved it.

5. Drink it. If your youngster would rather drink than eat, don’t despair. Make a smoothie or something that they can drink!

6. Cut it up. Cut everything into smaller pieces, it’s something they can do easily and they don’t have to work at it.

7. Package it. You ever wonder why most children love sugar cereal?  It’s because of the packaging.  Children love a presentation.  Just like “Dora The Explorer” show has bright colors and repetitive and at times annoying phrases “Swiper, NO Swiping.”  Our children love presentation.  If I package it up into something they’ll love, they’ll eat it. YES, even the veggies.

8. Become a veggie vendor. Have you child plant and grow a veggie, they’ll eat it and love it from that point on.

9. Share it. If your child is going through a picky-eater stage, invite over a friend who is the same age or slightly older whom you know “likes to eat.” Your child will catch on. Group feeding lets the other kids set the example.

10. Respect tiny tummies. Keep food servings relative to the size of their body. They can’t eat the same as a child that’s a year older or you for that matter.

11. Make it accessible. Give your child a shelf of their own so that they can eat when they want.  This will help them to eat on their own timeframes.

12. Use sit-still strategies. One reason why toddlers don’t like to sit still at the family table is that their feet dangle. Try sitting on a stool while eating. You naturally begin to squirm and want to get up and move around. Children are likely to sit and eat longer at a child-size table and chair where their feet touch the ground.

13. Turn meals upside down. Sometimes children will want to eat pizza for breakfast and cereal for lunch.  This is normal and many children do it.  Doesn’t matter when they eat it, just that they eat it.

14. Let them cook. Nothing will be more fun then letting them cook every now and then.  Children will always scarf down what they personally make themselves.  I’ve never seen a child cook something and not eat it.

15. Make every calorie count. Offer your child foods that pack lots of nutrition into small doses. This is particularly important for toddlers who are often as active as rabbits, but who seem to eat like mice.

Nutrient-dense foods that most children are willing to eat include:

  • California Avocados
  • Pasta
  • Broccoli
  • Peanut butter
  • Brown rice and other grains
  • Potatoes
  • Cheese
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Squash
  • Fish
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Kidney beans
  • Tofu
  • Yogurt

16. Count on inconsistency. They’ll never be consistent so don’t worry if they eat something one day and not the next.  One day they want the jelly on top of the peanut butter, the next day it’ll be under. Try new things!

17. Relax. It’ll all work out!

Gluten Free Prepared Meals

Like all other gluten-free / Celiac persons, I want to live life and enjoy it to best of my ability and not feel discouraged by the dietary conditions of a lifelong disease. The best way to overcome the initial “trauma” of finding out that you can no longer eat all your old favorite foods is to find replacements that are just as good (if not better) and safe for your new gluten-free diet.

At Today’s Menu we have put together a couple Gluten Free Prepared Meal choices for you to order.  We would also like your feedback on what meals you would like made gluten free.  We do our best to make all our clients happy.  Let us know how we can help!

HEALTH LIGHTER CHOICE PACKAGE *GLUTEN FREE* 10 Single Meals + 2 Soups + 2 Sauces
1-Honey Mustard Salmon(X2) 2-Seven Vegetable Lentil Curry(X2) 3-Mild Indian Chicken with Vegetables (X2) 4-Turkey Chili with Vegetables (X2)5-Spicy Asian Beef Stir Fry 2 SOUP: Mild Black Bean Soup(X2) SAUCE: Marinara (X2). Order Today

This wonderful combination is the owners top choice. Perfect light and healthy dinner this summer. Gluten Free and Wheat Free. This prepared meal will serve two people. Order Today

How Important is a Family Dinner?

With everything going on in your life when is there ever time to eat dinner with your family together?  With all the after school activities, late workdays and long commutes to and from work, it makes it very hard for families to eat dinner together. Yet studies show that the family dinner hour is a very important part to living a healthier life.

Studies show that when a family dines together, they tend to eat more vegetables and fruits.  It also shows that they eat fewer fried foods, soda, and foods with trans fats. When younger kids frequently eat dinner with their families, they are less likely to be overweight than other children. That being said, this all changes as we know in the teenage years, when the “teens” are less likely to eat at home.

“One of the simplest and most effective ways for parents to be engaged in their teens’ lives is by having frequent family dinners,” says Joseph Califano Jr., chairman and president of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA).

Today’s Menu offers deliciously prepared meals cooked by our chefs at our location, with the unbeatable convenience of either delivery OR shopping at our store. Meals are made fresh daily and quick/flash frozen to lock in flavour: all you have to do is heat and serve.

So, how important is a family dinner?  I would say it’s HUGE.  Let us help you out with this!

Easy Home Meal Delivery

Our easy home meal delivery is focussed on getting you the top meals to your home at an affordable cost.  At todaysmenu, our team takes the care and time to assemble delicious high quality meals for you and your family. We hand select the freshest ingredients and highest quality meats to be used in each recipe. Our whole team shares a passion for cooking!

We know there’s a lot more to prepared meals then great flavour. That’s why we place the highest priority on healthy recipes. Our meals are low in sodium prepared without preservatives, MSG or any artificial ingredient. Now you can enjoy your dinner even more, knowing it’s so much better for you and your family than ordering in or supermarket meals.

We try and make ourselves open to the best times that you or your family will be home. Our easy home meal delivery days are Monday thru Friday 3:30pm – 6:30 pm OR 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm.  We provide home delivery of meals all over the Toronto area, click here to see if we deliver in your local area.  We are also located on the SW corner of Gerrard Street at Woodbine in the Upper Beaches area. Gerrard Street is south of the Danforth and north of Kingston Road.  We can be reached at (416) 698-8667. Open Monday thru Friday 10am-6:30pm, Sat 10am – 5pm if you would like in store pick up.

Save Money on Food with Todays Menu

The average family of 3 will spend around $75.00 a week if they are eating out once a week.  At Todays Menu we are here to help you save money while eating healthy and enjoying more time with your family.  We want to help you eat dinners together at least 4 times a week! Each family is different – some are larger than others, appetites vary, and schedules change.

Saving money on food is now easy. At Todays Menu we let you choose the number and size of dinners that work best for you, maximizing your time, saving you money and allowing your family to spend more evenings together around the dinner table with each other!

We deliver in most local Toronto Areas. Click here to see our delivery map to see if we deliver in your local area!

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Save Your Sanity this Christmas

Tis the season for stress, headaches, messy kitchens and more!

Christmas and the holiday season can be more of a stress than a time to enjoy the company friends and loved ones. With that in mind, Today’s Menu would like to submit some helpful tips and ideas to ease the holiday stress this year and save you some valuable time.

Tip #1: Bake Ahead – The holidays typically means a lot of baking and can mean a lot of stress if your leave that baking to the last minute. Schedule yourself accordingly and consider getting all of your baking done on one Saturday afternoon. Plan your items, do your shopping and then turn your kitchen into a holiday baking machine!

For fun, turn on some good tunes and feel free to “sample” the good vino :)

Tip #2: Shop online – Much like baked goods… the holidays are most often remembers for CRAZY mall shopping days, a severe lack of parking and more full contact than a pee-wee hockey game. Consider doing your shopping from the comfort of your home. Almost everything is available online and you can save yourself a bundle with price comparison options.

Tip #3: Delegate – Shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking, decorating… OY! There is a lot to do! Consider delegating some of your “to-do” list to others. If you have kids that are old enough, consider asking them to wrap presents and make a game of it. Same goes for cleaning!

Tip #4: Outsource – Consider outsourcing some of your meals! You’re already doing enough baking and cooking on the big day, why not take the week before (or after) off from being the family chef.

If your looking for some prepared meal options, your could always order them here :)

Tip #5: Take a Deep Breath – The holiday’s are supposed to be fun. Take a deep breath, step back and enjoy yourself a little. You won’t resent Christmas next year if you do!