Gift Certificates

Today's Menu gift cards are a thoughtful and practical idea. Dinner time can be difficult to plan and shop for especially when your home routine has been disrupted. Our meals are healthy, diverse and so good, all they have to do is decide which night to serve them on.

Healthy, gourmet food, delivered straight to their door.

Get recipe ideas, exclusive coupons and new menu alerts!

The Gift Of Food

Who’s It For

New Parents
Post Surgical Recovery (home from the hospital)
Aging Parents (we have great meals for seniors)
Corporate Gifts
Thinking Of You
Thank You For Your Help

How Do I Buy A Gift Card

Electronic gift cards (PDF) can be purchased on-line in minutes and sent directly to your in box.

Select your gift card amount
Add to cart
Create account or log in to existing
Select email gift card as your delivery option

Group Contributions

If you are collecting money for a group gift card we can set up a special account where people can call in their credit cards to contribute. It’s a convenient way to contribute especially for those that our out of town.Plastic gift cards are available in store for purchase.If you would like to purchase a different amount not available on line please call us to arrange we would be happy to help.

(416) 698-8667 Monday-Friday 10am-6:30pm Saturday 10am-5pm.