Quick Prepared Meal Packages

At Today’s Menu our focus is to have “More time cuddling, less time cooking” that’s why we’ve prepared meals to fit your family size.  Our prepared meal packages are a great way for your family of 1 to a family of 200 will have everything you need to to stay healthy while not demanding time out of your day to cook a meal.   With packages starting at around $90 for 5 days for two people, you can’t beat these prices!

Each Meal Serves two (2). Package includes: 1-Moroccan Chicken Tagine 2-Lemon Herb Chicken with Barley Pilaf 3-Smothered Chicken with Vegetable Pesto Orzo 4-Honey Mustard Salmon with Seven Vegetable Lentil Curry 5-Turkey Chili With Sweet Potato. *scroll over image for details*

HEALTH LIGHTER CHOICE PACKAGE *GLUTEN FREE* 10 Single Meals + 2 Soups + 2 Sauces
1-Honey Mustard Salmon(X2) 2-Seven Vegetable Lentil Curry(X2) 3-Mild Indian Chicken with Vegetables (X2) 4-Turkey Chili with Vegetables (X2)5-Spicy Asian Beef Stir Fry 2 SOUP: Mild Black Bean Soup(X2) SAUCE: Marinara (X2)*scroll over image for details*

NEW PARENTS PACKAGE (Serves 2) – 5 Dinners + 5 Lunches + 1 Desset
(1) Chicken Chasseur with Barley Pilaf (2) Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (3) Smothered Chicken with Vegetable Pesto Orzo (4) Coq au Vin (5) Shepherd’s Pie LUNCHES: 1-Turkey Chili 2-Tomato Soup 3-Seven Vegetable Lentil Curry 4-Cauliflower Curry Soup 5- Mushroom Soup DESSERT: Apple Crumble *scroll over image for details*

NEW PARENTS PACKAGE – 7 Day meal planner
Package includes: 1-Roasted vegetable lasagna 2-Chicken Chasseur with Barley Pilaf 3-Smothered Chicken with vegetable pesto orzo 4-Shepherds Pie 5-Thai Coconut Chicken 6-White Lasagna 7- Beef Bourguignon with Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes + Dessert Date and Sticky Toffee Pudding

NEW! SENIORS PACKAGE – (5 Dinners For Two (2) + 2 Lunches)
1-Chicken Chasseur with Barley Pilaf 2-White Lasagna (spinach & chicken) 3-Beef Bourguignon (X2) 5-Honey Mustard Salmon with Couscous (Sundried Tomatoes & Feta) 5-Shepherds Pie SOUPS: Tomato & Mushroom *scroll over image for details*

OUTDOOR RECREATION PACKAGE – Great for the boat, RV’s, Camping and the Cottage!
You get 6 meals that serve 2-3. (1) Chicken Fricassee (2) Turkey Chili (3) Moroccan Chicken Tagine (4) Coq Au Vin (5) Beef Bourguignon (6) Sicilian Chicken Meatballs *scroll over image for details*

Package includes: 1-Turkey Chili 2-Wholegrain Squash Risotto 3-Salmon Papillote 4-Moroccan Chidcken Tagine 5-Mild Indian Chicken with Vegetables 6-Thai Coconut Chicken 7-Beef Bourguignon 8-Beef Stir Fry 9-Seven Vegetable Lentil Curry 10-Vegetable Chili with Barley

1- Seven Vegetable Lentil Curry (2xsml)2-Mediterranean Vegetable Tagine(2xsml) 3-Vegetable Chili(2xsml) 3-Roasted Vegetable Lasagna 4-Three Grain Mushroom Risotto(2xsml)5- Barley Pilaf (2) *scroll over image for details*


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