Speciality Meals & Packages

Our home-cooked, preservative free meals are perfect for those who need to be careful of what they eat or have unique food preferences.

Wether your a vegetarian or living on your own studying at University, our meals are convenient, affordable and so good for you.

Get recipe ideas, exclusive deals and new menu alers via your preferred meduim!

Meals & Packages For Singles

It’s hard to cook for one. Most of the time you spend more money then you want at the grocery store and end up throwing it out unused food due to spoilage. Why not use Today’s Menu, our single portioned controlled meals are convenient and healthy. Buy are two (2) serving dinners and use the leftovers for a convenient lunch the next day.

Gluten Free Meals & Packages

For those living with intolerances such as gluten (celiac disease) meal planning can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The chefs at Today’s Menu have responded to the challenge and created many dishes for singles, meals for two and families without the use of gluten/wheat without affecting quality or taste.

Vegetarian Meals & Packages

Our vegetarian gourmet package is designed by our creative chefs and ensures that all produce is fresh and untouched by any meat. We guarantee that each meal we provide is made to the highest restaurant-quality standards from hand cut vegetables.

University Meals & Package

Living alone for the first time in full-time education can be a very hard and stressful time for a teenager.  Why not set them up for the first few weeks with some nutritious meals?  Juggling school work, social activities and adapting to University life can leave little time for healthy cooking!  We’re all parents here at Today’s Menu and this is why we created this new care package, designed to free up time (for study)!