The Story Of French Cassoulet

  • Author: Paul Hickey
  • Published on: November 14, 2014
  • Category: Blog, Menu Items

By definition Cassoulet is a slow cooked casserole originating in the South of France made with predominately, pork sausage, duck, Toulouse Sausages and white navy beans. It is named after it’s cooking vessel the, casserole dish which is usually made out of clay, or nowadays giving way to the Crock Pot.

In France there are varying degrees of the dish including more expensive versions using lamb or duck confit. Usually any fatty pre roasted protein will do then it is mixed in with a combination of white beans and vegetables and slow simmered. In North America it is often applied to a “hearty bean based casserole” with interesting innovations such as salmon.

Which brings me to my next point about our innovation of this classic European Peasant Dish. We have used our own roasted turkey sausage and boneless skinless air chilled chicken thighs with our pre soaked beans and vegetables to give it a light and flavourful taste. (without the heartburn and calories)

So if you are looking for a hearty and light meal to serve at home – try our very special: CASSOULET LIGHT

 cassoulet light

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