Three Lifestyle Habits For 2017

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  • Published on: January 9, 2017
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I love food – good food with wholesome ingredients. So as you can well imagine I do not believe in dieting or restrictive eating. However, I do believe in a few lifestyle changes or tips as a I like to call them that can and will make you feel energized.


Mindful Eating

Practise Mindful or Meditative Eating. I was introduced to this by my cycling trainer Max Schute phd. Essentially be mindful of every bite of food you take and enjoy it as you chew slowly. Too many of us literally in hale our food either on the go or in your car driving to and from work. Choose a place to eat everyday and better yet enjoy your meals at a set table with family or friends.


Get 8 hours of sleep every night

Winter Walking In Toronto

Winter Walking In Toronto

Get Enough Sleep. Experts say that number is 7 1/2 to 8 hours every single night. Go to bed early before 10pm if you can because late nights can often lead to late night snacking. Try not to use or engage with any electronic devices at least 60 minutes before you go to sleep.


Get Walking ! On average I really try to walk about 20-30 minutes per day when I am not working out. If you have one of those fitness trackers try to aim for 7500 steps a day. Many recommend 10 000 steps per day as a goal which for most is unattainable. During the winter months make sure you have good insulated walking boots. If you don’t want to walk outside try the local mall or large business centres in the downtown core.

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