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Creamy Pea Orzo and Lamb & Feta Burgers

Introducing our brand new spring menu addition, Creamy & Smooth Green Pea Orzo!

An easy side dish that can be paired with a protein, or enjoyed on its own as a cold salad. Featuring fresh Ontario peas and orzo pasta; it's simple, yet delicious. This versatile dish is perfect for a quick meal if you're in a hurry, or an excellent side addition to your main course.  Bravo Chef Paul!


Back by popular demand, our Gourmet Lamb & Feta Burgers!

Returning to the grill menu is our gourmet, handpressed lamb & feta burgers. Made from New Zealand ground lamb & Greek feta cheese. We recommend enjoying the burger on a lightly toasted brioche bun topped with gainy mustard, mayonaise, lettuce, and tomato. Also pairs nicely on its own with a side of fresh market greens. Click here to place your order now!




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