Friday Night Lasagna Party (Serves 8)


Friday Night Lasagna Party 

Lamb & Feta Meatballs

Loaded with Beef Lasagna (Serves 4)
Chicken & Spinach Lasagna (Serves 4)

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies x 24

This is the perfect super easy friend, neighbours, family for a last minute dinner. Pop in the oven and let the magic work. 
Just one ask - toss together a quick no fuss market greens salad or any fresh cut up veggies.

Heck - if you want to add more guests, just keep adding more lasagna al la carte.


Chef Paul 

Entertaining Tips:

Bake the cookies either day of or earlier in the week so you are not fighting for oven space since you will need this for both lasagnas.  I love walking into a house with a large beautiful plate of freshly baked cookies on the counter.  Your guests will eyeing them all night.

Have a candle lit as you enter the house and always one in the powder room.  Your guests will love this extra touch.

Shop candles here.

Plan ahead for a special night and select a date in the future at checkout-