Coq Au Vin (Serves 4)



Memories of France (Without leaving home)
Coq Au Vin  
Braised Ontario Chicken in a Wine Sauce.  A specialty of our chefs.  This classic french dish is a must.
Part of the special winter entertaining menu


THAWING INSTRUCTIONS: Place vacuum sealed bag in warm water for 30+ minutes or in the refrigerator 24 hours.

PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat conventional oven to 375 °& place contents into an oven proof dish on the middle rack.  Cover with lid or aluminum foil for 35-45 minutes or until warmed through.

INGREDIENTS: Ontario air chilled antibiotic & hormone free skinless bone in chicken thighs, red wine, chicken stock, unsalted butter, flour, fresh thyme, garlic, carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms, sea salt & pepper.

CHEF'S TIP: Serve with a side of Yukon gold mash or crusty baguette - anything that will soak up the savoury sauce. A simple & delicious classic for yourself and guests.