Time to Impress Dinner Party (Serves 4)


Dinner Menu

Braised Lamb Shanks
Roasted Potatoes
Cauliflower au Gratin
Ginger Glazed Carrots
Sticky Toffee Pudding

This bundle comes fully cooked and frozen.  

This bundle comes fully cooked and frozen.  
A quick thaw and reheat for the perfect stay at home dining experience

Light the candles, set the table with your fabulous favourites and have a deliciously easy dinner party.

And if you need to serve more guests -  additional can be done al la carte.
Dinner party for 6?  You could easily squeeze the sides  and just add another set of lamb shanks.

Chef Paul 

Entertaining Tips:

The lamb shanks can simmer away on a slow low heat and let the house smell amazing while your guests arrive.  I use a large trusty lidded cast iron for both heat retention and I love how it presents on the stove.  Who doesn't love a pop of colour.

 We just took mousse brownies to a new level.  They stand alone, but you could serve with a little dollop whipped cream or fresh fruit. Little bowls or plates both work.  I often cut a few strawberries to place atop.
Simple and perfect for an after dinner nibble. Delicious frozen too!

Have a candle lit as you enter the house and always one in the powder room.  

Shop candles here.

Plan ahead for a special night and select a date in the future at checkout-