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Pesto Chicken with a side of Mac & Cheese (Serves 2)

Pesto Chicken with a side of Mac & Cheese (Serves 2)

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Perfect Pesto Chicken served alongside Three Cheese Mac.  This dazzling duet is the best comfort food for any night of the week.  

Pesto Chicken

This product comes raw, marinated and frozen.  2 x pieces.  Cooked either oven or bbq.

Air chilled boneless skinless chicken breast marinated in our homemade  nut free pesto sauce 

Three Cheese Mac

Not one, not two, but three cheese mac.  This best seller compliments perfectly.  

Chefs' Tip: Adding some veggies on the side, perhaps a salad or fresh seasonals. 

How to recycle: Rinse the BPA free bag and place in your recycling bin

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