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General Assembly Pizza

Pizza "Loving Cup Pepperoni" From General Assembly 10"

Pizza "Loving Cup Pepperoni" From General Assembly 10"

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Serves 1-2

100% naturally leavened 10” .  No such thing as too much pepperoni. 

General Assembly Pizza has been bringing people
together since 2017. All of our handmade pies feature
premium ingredients and our signature 100%
naturally leavened dough. Old world technique
meets new world flavour at GA Pizza

No fuss,no pretension, nothing standing between you and a good time.

How long does it take to bake one of your pies?

frozen pizzas are par-baked (think: partially baked), so you can pop a pizza in at 475°F and it’s ready in 5-7 minutes. BIG PS: there are “cooking instructions” on our packaging, not to worry.

Are there any best practices for preparing GA frozen pizzas?

It really is too easy. Pop your za directly on the oven rack, and finish it under the broiler (on low) for 1min. for best results. We also love to drizzle with high-grade olive oil. Go ahead and steal that idea.

What does par-baked mean?

Aka partially baked—means once our chefs have prepped your pizzas they bake them lightly in our hand-made ovens, so that they can go from your freezer to your plate in 5 mins

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