Our Fabulous Story

Today’s Menu was born out of a love of food.  Determined to bring the world better options for healthy & quick prepared meals for dinner was our founder Paul's " field of dreams". If he built it, they would eat.  Our team of highly experienced and passionate chefs have been creating healthy frozen ready prepared food since 2002.  We hand select the highest quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy every meal you eat. You will not get this kind of quality from grocery or take out ready meals.

Mandarin Drumsticks (Serves 4)


Sweet. Salty. Spicy.  A Trilogy Of Flavour.
Air chilled Ontario local skinless drumsticks marinated in our mandarin sauce.
This product comes marinated, raw and frozen.  

CHEF'S TIP: Delicious to eat with fingers or knife & fork.  Pairs well with seasonal fresh veggies.  BBQ friendly.
Also makes a perfect hearty appetizer, but don't forget the napkins or little lemon water finger cleaning bowls.

How to recycle: Rinse the BPA free bag and place in your recycling bin.

Salmon Cake (Serves 1)


Individual hand pressed salmon cake with ground flaxseed for added omega-3 Hearty, healthy and super easy to prepare.
This product comes raw & frozen. 
Cooks Oven & BBQ  in 35 minutes.

CHEF'S TIP: This lean beauty loves a side dish.  Or how about a bun for a salmon burger with a bit of lemon aioli.

How to recycle: Rinse the BPA free bag and place in your recycling bin