The Story of A Man Who Loved Good Food

This is the story of a man with a vision.  This man loved good food, but had no time to cook when he came home from a busy day in the tech world.  So.....he created a company.  Did I mention this man also had two little hungry kids and a lovely wife that really did not love to cook and an extremely active lifestyle.  That matters in the story.

His vision in 2002 was to bring the world better options for healthy & quick prepared meals. This was his field of dreams.  If he cooked it, they would eat! 
As a result, Todaysmenu was born. 

How to get the food to the people?  Delivery of course.  But in 2002 this was a highly unique concept.  Order your food online and have it delivered to your door?  Our founder was truly the pioneer of food delivery. 

He armed himself with the best in class team, using the finest ingredients and set about to create a mouthwatering menu of home cooked, made with love, prepared foods.  The key was quick to thaw, heat and serve without comprismising taste, quality and appearance. 

Now we circle back to feeding those hungry children and the busy life to get dinner on the table.  You might just need to order a meal to find out the rest.

Wait, what happened to the very appreciative wife who love good food, but really did not like cooking?  She joined the team!!!!   She hung up her media hat and joined the expansion in 2017, managing the corporate and retail sales. Also the author of this story.  Grateful everyday for having such delicious food to eat and even more grateful that she did not have to make it!

Currently the team has grown quite a bit, but we are both very involved in the day to day.  We are proud to report that folks in the Toronto GTA are offered easy delivery or quick pick up in midtown.

Become a convert to frozen and you will never go back!  Try just one meal and you see why.