Gift Card Redemption


Gift Card Redemption

3 Easy Steps.

1.  Create an account (unless you already have one)

2.  Start shopping the menu

3. At checkout, select your date for either pick up or delivery.  Place any special notes for the driver and proceed to payment.

Simply type or copy and paste the gift code
 into the gift code box and complete the transaction.  If you have gone over the amount - no problem.  Pay the difference and your order will be placed.  If you have a balance on the gift code,  please hang onto this code and use it on a future purchase.  

Gift cards next expire.


Please note

For those who have received a gift card BEFORE August 27/2020 please follow these steps.  We updated the site and have a new shopping experience that requires a new gift code sent to you.

1. Create an account first.

Email with your name and gift card number to

3. We will in turn reactivate your gift card number for use on the new site and send you an updated gift card code to your new account.   This process may take 24/48 hours.

Thank you for your patience.

Customer Service