Our Fabulous Story

Today’s Menu was born out of a love of food.  Determined to bring the world better options for healthy & quick prepared meals for dinner was our founder Paul's " field of dreams". If he built it, they would eat.  Our team of highly experienced and passionate chefs have been creating healthy frozen ready prepared food since 2002.  We hand select the highest quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy every meal you eat. You will not get this kind of quality from grocery or take out ready meals.

Gift card


The gift of food is a deliciously thoughtful gift.  Perfect for life's ups and downs.  Beautifully illustrated custom gift cards to match your occasion with your added personal message.

Simply select an amount and press send as gift. Then the custom themes and personal message will appear with email details. You can select a date in the future too! 
Sorry - we can not text gift cards.

Babies & Birthdays, Comfort & Condolence, Dealing with Illness, Thinking Of You, House Warming ,Weddings, Thank you....