Curbside Pick Up


Create an online account and select curbside pick up at checkout. Order before 6pm for next day pick up or select a future date on the calendar.

Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 2pm

All confirmed orders receive an email confirmation.  The day you selected is embedded in your order.  Leave the rest to us - our team will pack up your order and have it ready for your arrival.  No red carpet, but there is a silver table!

Please arrive anytime 10 am - 2pm  @ 852 Millwood Road in mid town Toronto.  Come to the front door and let us know your name.  No need to phone, just a tap on the door and we will get your order lickity split.

Your order will be placed on the silver table outside.  In the event of rain, please come inside, but masks are mandatory for pick up.

 All Curbside orders are subject to a  small$ packing fee that covers the packing & bag.  Orders are packed in a non thermal bag.  You might want to bring along a cooler bag or cooler if you have a long distance to travel.

If you cannot make your pick up date, please email or call well in advance so our team is not waiting!!! 
We would be happy to arrange a new date and time.     

Why is our adorable shop not open for shopping?
 Due to our small size and challenges with freezers being openned by multiple people, we have opted to not have in store shopping at this time.  But we are making some changes and will have a new look and feel soon!