The Modern Food Family

What is the  Modern food family?
Many households face a very challenging task of feeding a variety of menu options to family members that have dietary intolerances and different eating schedules.  We have designed a robust menu that provides options just for you.  Our mission is the continued ease of eating a solidly delicious dinner with peace  of mind that there is something for everyone.

What we understand best is how the modern family does not have enough time in the day to get it all done.  But meals should never be the sacrifice.  Deferring to poor quality take out does not have to be the solution.

The concept of frozen prepared meals was the ease of knowing that dinner was just a quick thaw and heat.  Always having the freezer stocked with a few family favourites.

Todaysmenu prepared meals was developed for the busy family that had little time to cook, but desired clean eating and enjoyed family meal time.  

Over the course of 23 years, the menu has grown.  Please look for the symbols and shop the menu that best fits the needs of your lifestyle.

Symbols and Special Dietary Options
Dairy Free
Gluten Free