Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

As we approach August, it is almost time to close those cottages, and open those books! Trade in those summer beaches for afterschool baseball practices. Water you waiting for? Seas the day! Ok, enough puns. But seriously. Back to school is just around the corner and we at Today's Menu have prepared a guide to all the essentials to make your life as easy as possible. Let's get into it! 


Dinner Time Classics

-Beef Lasagna: a perfect dish to just pop into the oven for an hour and it will be ready in a flash. Pair it with a fresh market greens, or, an assortment of family fav veggies.

-Best Bolognese Dinner: our best selling sauce can be thawed and warmed in a matter of minutes. We recommend serving it over pasta or with a side of rice. But, the sky is the limit! The kitchen is yours to get creative in. 

Turkey Chili - Where would we be without this beauty.  Loaded with roasted sweet potatoes and lean turkey.  So versatile - in a bowl, over natchos, in tacos...... Quick thaw and heat and dinner is served.  

-Chicken Pot Pie: easy peasy  classic that cooks straight from frozen and  ready in 45 minutes! Served with a side salad and this makes for a perfect, ready to go meal.  Pop in the oven while the kids are doing after school homework.

- Butter Chicken is a top seller and pleases all palettes.  Large beautiful pieces of tender white chicken in our famous sauce.  Must have some naan or pita on hand to clean the plate.  Guaranteed family fav.

-Shepherd's Pie is the number one go-to all in one meal.  This beauty is a one stop shop for meat, veggies and potatoes.  Enjoy!

-Very Very Berry Crumble: newest to our menu is a rhubarb infused berry crumble, packed the blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. Pop it into the oven for 20 minutes and you will never want the smell to leave your house!


Lunch Time Favourites

 -3-Cheese Macaroni: weekends can be even busier than weekdays, so why not make lunchtime as easy as possible! Our 3-cheese mac is one of our top sellers not just for its taste, but for how seamless it is. It can cook from the microwave or in the oven in a matter of minutes, and will have the whole family fueled and ready for the day! 

-Best Beef Hot Dogs: just because summer is coming to a close doesn't mean those grills have to close with it! Our best beef hot dogs are perfect for a beautiful fall day when you just feel like being outside. 

-Pulled Pork: heat up the pulled pork in a matter of minutes and serve it with a fresh brioche bun, inside a taco, or even in a wrap. Our Quebec-styled pork pairs nicely with our Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread or Basmati Rice. 


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