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It's all about good food and friends this Canada Day

There is nothing more fabulous than celebrating Canada Day with a delicious menu shared with friends and family.  If you are heading to cottage country, we have it on good authority that the best gift to bring is food.  That's right folks, food.  If you are the host, than you know how much food is needed to make the engine work all summer.  And if you are the guest, than you know how important it is to contribute.  Because it does take a village to make a cottage run.

And when we say cottage, we mean, cabins, lakehouses, villas, summerhouses, and airstreams.

BRING BREAKFAST.   We have great options to suit all shapes and sizes.  Best recommendation is a mix of everything for a nice spread.

Spinach & Cheese Quiche

Breakfast Strada
Egg Bites

 Banana Bread


And then we get GRILLING.

Mild Jerk Chicken .  4 pieces of the best chicken you will ever have.  Easy to grill or cook in the oven.  Marinated in our famous mild jerk sauce.

Fun ideas are a mixed grill.  

The Burger Bundle is a mix of Chicken & Beef Burgers.  Just pick up some fresh buns and toppings.  Easy peasy.

Or buy a party all in one click.  The BBQ backyard party.  Complete menu 


4 x beef burgers (Hormone & antibiotic free natural ground beef)

4 x chicken burgers (With Fresh Basil & Grana Padano Cheese)

1 x very very berry crumble

1 x classic apple crumble

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