I need help selecting meals for my parents

I need help selecting meals for my parents

Welcome to the "Sandwich Generation".  The  era of taking care of both our children and our parents. 

Multigenerational needs have become even more pressing during the post Covid-19 pandemic, with adult children moving back home and with elderly parents needing new forms of care. 

Are you caught in the middle?   There’s one major question: how, exactly, do we care for the carers? 

Take care of yourself: Eat right, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and engage in regular physical activity like walking or yoga or your weekly pickelball game. Keep in contact with your friends & family. No matter how hectic life gets, you need to take care of yourself—which includes making time for yourself—so you have the mental and physical energy to care for your parents and children.

Life can get overwhelming really fast when someone in the immediate family falls ill.  We have polled the experts and have put together a comprehensive plan with great tips and tricks on the path to easy eating.

Is this your situation?  We can relate and have the solution.

Dear Todaysmenu,
My mother passed away and my father has not cooked dinner in 40 years!  Help!

Dear Todaysmenu,
My father had a stroke and has lost his regular appetite.  We are having a hard time finding meals that he wants to eat and my mom is exhausted from cooking.  Help!

Dear Todaysmenu,
Both my parents have COVID!  Help!

Dear Todaysmenu,
Where have you been on our lives.  We are in our mid 70's.  Tired of cooking, but now we have to eat better.  Can you help?

Dear Todaysmenu,
My mother is gluten free and my father is vegetarian.  Can you help me select the menu?
Yes, shop the GLUTEN FREE menu and the Vegetarian Menu

We are here to help and have a solution for practically every situation.  There are a few things to know and consider before placing your order.

How to select the right meals for your parents.   

1.  Can they use the stove and oven?  If yes, then you are able to shop the entire menu.  

2.   Do you prefer microwave only?
If yes, shop the microwave only menu.

his will include a selection of meals that have microwaveable trays and also flat sealed bags that will require the use of scissors and place the meal in a dish for warming.

3.  Can they follow the directions on the label?
Every meal will have the label on the website exactly how it appears on the meals.
You can read this prior to placing in your cart.

4.  Is there a caregiver assisting with meals?  Is there a caregiver eating the meals with your parent?  Consider the amount of food you will need.
It might make sense to shop the meals that serve 2

5.  Can they use scissors to cut open the meal?

6.  Do they have containers to store leftovers for another meal?
Highly recommend a set of good containers that can go from fridge to microwave.  This allows for easy warm up.

7.  If you place the order for your parents, let them know the day and time it is coming.  Very important so they will open the door for the driver and get the meals right into the freezer.  If you let us know, we can pack the meals in smaller bags that are not heavy and manageable.

8.  Do you prefer to only order pre made cooked meals?  Please note there is raw marinated proteins on the menu and this will be marked clearly on the label.  
Here is a sample of the label.


Pantry items needed will be foil & parchment paper and oven mitts.

Here are some quick links to get you started.

Shop Meals for Two Servings

Shop Gluten Free Meals
Shop Vegetarian Meals

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