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Gourmet Beef Burgers (Serves 4)

Gourmet Beef Burgers (Serves 4)

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The Best Handmade Gourmet Burgers ready for the grill! 4 x 6 Oz burgers (hormone & antibiotic free natural ground beef)


CHEF'S TIP: This is where you can shine on your own! It can be all about the toppings: brie, caramelized onion, avocado, bacon and the list goes on.
In our house we love the brioche buns! Look to add sides from our menu, here are the favs: Lemon Asparagus Couscous , Vegetable Pesto Orzo

Enjoy your healthy prepared meal!

 Customer Burger Review 

Too bad I can't give these burgers a 10/5. I'm so tired of grocery store burgers that quite frankly, have a funny smell and at times, a funny flavour. I was reminded this evening of what a burger is SUPPOSED to taste like. These are the best burgers I've had and with the summer season upon us, the PERFECT dish for a PERFECT day.

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