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Grandmere's Scalloped Potatoes (4)

Grandmere's Scalloped Potatoes (4)

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Grandmere's Famous Scalloped Potatoes. Layers of Thinly Sliced Deliciousness! A house favourite. In our very own house!


Gluten Free
Pantry item needed:  foil

PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat oven to 375ºF, wrap in aluminum foil ( tent the foil like a dome) cook 40-50 minutes. Gently remove foil, cook an additional 10+ minutes until top has browned slightly.

INGREDIENTS: Ontario Yukon gold potatoes, cream, nutmeg, hint of fresh garlic, sea salt & white pepper.

CHEF'S TIP: This cozy classic is an award winning side dish. Of course, there would be nothing wrong with eating this as a meal.

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