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Seriously Delicious Cheddar Corn Bread (4-6)

Seriously Delicious Cheddar Corn Bread (4-6)

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We just took cornbread to a new level.  Handmade with grated sharp cheddar cheese and just enough fresh jalapeno give this a bit of kick. Great on it's own or serve alongside chili, soups and proteins.  Always have this on hand for an easy side dish.


This product comes cooked, frozen and free of preservatives

THAWING INSTRUCTIONS: Thaw at room temperature for 2-4 hours or in refrigerator for 24 hours

PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat a conventional oven at 350F. Cover with foil and warm in the oven for 15 minutes. Tray is microwave friendly.

Chef's Tip: It is possible to turn this into a dessert with a drizzle of maple syrup!
This pairs well with Vegetable Chili, Turkey Chili, Every Soup, Beef Tacos

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