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Lemon Asparagus Israeli Couscous (Side for 2/Main for 1)

Lemon Asparagus Israeli Couscous (Side for 2/Main for 1)

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Lemony & light Israeli Couscous with hand cut asparagus spears & green onion
From freezer to table in less than 30 minutes

SERVES ONE as a main or TWO as a side / 360 grams
This product comes precooked, frozen and free of preservatives

THAWING INSTRUCTIONS: Place vacuum sealed bag in warm water for 15 -30 minutes+ or in the refrigerator 24 hours
INGREDIENTS: Israeli couscous, asparagus, green onion, lemon juice, lemon zest, rice wine vinegar, olive oil & sea salt. .

CHEF'S TIP - Pairs beautifully with on its own or with fish, chicken & beef OR Serves cold as a  salad. We love sprinkling this into a big bowl of fresh spinach.

Enjoy your healthy prepared meal!

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