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Marvelous Mandarin Drumsticks & Roasted Potatoes (Serves 4)

Marvelous Mandarin Drumsticks & Roasted Potatoes (Serves 4)

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 This is a hearty family fav.  And if you have a few leftover, makes a great lunch the next day.

Sweet. Salty. Spicy. A Trilogy Of Flavour. Air chilled Ontario local skinless drumsticks marinated in our mandarin sauce. Serve alongside the fan favourite roasted potatoes.  Pop both in the oven.
This product comes marinated, raw and frozen.  
Gluten & Dairy Free

CHEF'S TIP: Delicious to eat with fingers or knife & fork. Pairs well with seasonal fresh veggies.  BBQ friendly. Also makes a perfect hearty appetizer, but don't forget the napkins or little lemon water for cleaning those finger! 

How to recycle: Rinse the BPA free bag and place in your recycling bin.


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