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Shepherd's Pie(Serves 2)

Shepherd's Pie(Serves 2)

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Heart-Warming Shepherd's Pie.
Nothing hits the spot like a hearty old school casserole.  
It all starts with high quality ingredients. Our chefs use Halal low fat ground beef as the base with a medley of veggie and flavours to create this classic.

This product comes cooked & frozen.
Conventional oven reheat tIme 40 minutes

CHEF'S TIP:  Already a meal in one, but we love adding ginger glazed carrots on the side or one of your favourite veggies.

SERVING TIP: Shallow bowls or plates. A green salad is a nice addition, but this really is a meal in one.

How to recycle: Rinse the aluminum tray and place in your recycling bin.

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