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Family Cottage Bundle (Serves 4)

Family Cottage Bundle (Serves 4)

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Survey says...these top sellers are a combination of grill + heat & serve.  
Each meal serves 4 (but with little ones - might be able to have some leftovers). This bundle is also great for a family or any combination of adults & kids. How nice to arrive at the cottage with all your meals done!  Easy clean up too.  Just pick up some fresh buns.

Each Serves (4)

Hand Pressed Beef Burgers (Grill)
Best Bolognese Sauce  - just add pasta
Chicken Kebabs  
Swedish Meatballs & Roasted Potatoes

Breakfast Bundle
Hardy Breakfast Bites x 6
Roasted Red Pepper & Cheese Quiche x 4 individual 

Lemony Light Cake - Serves 4-6.  Easy to serve on its own or pick up some fresh berries and ice cream.  Perfect for mid day tea or dinner.

The cottage is waiting.......

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