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Vegetarian Dinner Party for Four

Vegetarian Dinner Party for Four

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Soup Starter: 
Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup

7 Vegetable Lentil Curry
Basmati Rice

Classic Apple Crumble

A quick thaw and cook for the perfect stay at home dining experience
Please read all the directions carefully 

Light the candles, set the table with your fabulous favourites and have a deliciously easy dinner party.

And if you need to serve more guests - just double your order or anything additional can be done al la carte.

Chef Paul 

Entertaining Tips:

The lentil curry & soup cooks stovetop - warms in minutes
The rice cooks best in the microwave, but can also be warmed stove top if you add a bit of water so it does not dry out.

Pop the apple crumble in the oven earlier in the day if you prefer to serve at room temperature or if you love it piping hot -  Never hurts to have a bit of ice cream on hand!

Have a candle lit as you enter the house and always one in the powder room.  

Shop candles here.

Plan ahead for a special night and select a date in the future at checkout- 

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